Easy to use

We designed this photo booth to provide the best photo booth rental experience to our clients.

Equipped with the latest technology and an easy to use touch screen.


No need to stay still to get a perfect clear picture,

you can dance, you can move and still get your best photos!


100% satisfaction with premium quality!


Sophisticated appearance

Our photo booth is designed to look sophisticated and durable. Unlike most of our competator our booth is not only 2 suitcases stack on top of each other or a camera with a back drop.  We understand the importance of elegance and coordinating  with all decor.  Our new model LRC 3000 has it all.

Built strongly with stainless steel material makes this booth extremely durable. Its light material and compact design allow us to go almost anywhere.


Enclosed for Privacy

We understand that not everybody feels comfortable to perform in front of a crowd.  Our Photo booth has the option to have closed curtains to allow privacy.  Just remember ¨What happens in the booth, doesn't stay in the booth¨ as the event holder will recieve a digital copy of all the pictures taken at the event.

You can fit as many people as you wish in your pictures: comfortably 6 or as much as 10 or more.


Latest technology

We make sure to deliver the best quality with the latest technology. Our booth is equipped with a DSLR camera and Dye-Sublimation printer allowing crystal clear pictures that will last forever.  Fast printing time of 10sec, 2 photo strips will be printed on site each time.



Great addition to any type of event.  Laughter and smiles are guaranteed.  We ensure to provide clean and high quality props.  Everybody loves our great selections of hats, wigs, glasses and accessories.  A large variety of props is included with each package. You are also welcome to bring your own props if you would like something more customized to your theme. 


Guest Book

And finally, we are known for our famous guest book/ (11x11 scrapbook)

included with all our wedding packages.

Your Photo booth specialist is also a great scrapbooker, helping your guests create memories for you to cherish forever. Your guest book will be customized with mesages from all your friends and family.  We also provide all art suplies needed.